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Home Of the Restored Green Goblin Head Used On The Happy Toyz Truck In Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive!
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Hollywood Prop Collector's Articles & Stories
Why Collect Movie Memorabilia?
You ask "Why collect movie memorabilia?". Hopefully I can give you a perspective to help you decide. I used to collect other things like baseball cards and die...
A Collectors Journey: Part One
One day, in the early 1970s, my life took an unexpected turn.I was practicing architecture in Philadelphia when a co-worker,knowing about my love of movies, ask...
Collectors Corner: Part One
Collectors Corner Over the years of collecting some fantastic movie props so I always get asked the same question, “how do you get these items?” T...
A Collectors Journey: Part Two
Someone once said if there were two of anything, someone would collect them. The collecting bug bit me in the early 1970s when I became hooked on assembling...
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