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Home Of the Restored Green Goblin Head Used On The Happy Toyz Truck In Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive!
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Robert Englund Signing Nightmare On Elm 5 Sleeve
Short video taken at the HorrorHound Convention in Indianapolis, IN 9/8/13 ...
Heather Langenkamp Signing Nightmare 5 Sleeve
Heather Langenkamp signing the Nightmare On Elm Street 5 sleeve....
Amanda Wyss Signing Nightmare On Elm St 5 Sleeve
Amanda Wyss signing the Nightmare On Elm Street sleeve at Horrir Realm in P...
Vivica A. Fox Autographing My Photo
Short video of Vivica A. Fox autographing my photo at HorrorHound Weekend i...
Jamie Kennedy Signing Screen Used Scream 4 Mask
Short video of Jamie Kennedy signing my screen used Scream 4 mask that is a...
Tiffany Shepis & Green Goblin Head
Short video of Tiffany Shepis & Green Goblin head at Horror Realm on Pittsb...
Green Goblin Head In Primer
Just a short walk thru to show what the Green Goblin head from Maximum Over...
Ghostbusters Taking On Green Goblin Head
The local chapher of Ghostbusters in Greenville, SC stopped by to capture t...
Outer Limits: Final Exam - Bomb Detonator Device!
We have the bomb detonator device used in this episode of Outer Limits! Che...
Superhero Movie: Hero Stunt Bicycle Used In Movie
We own this really cool stunt bicycle used in Superhero Movie! Please visit...
Ace Ventura: 17' Uncle Al Alligator
We own this awesome 17' alligator used in Ace Ventura When Nature Calls!! ...
Ace Ventura: Rhino Birth Scene
This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie! I love this part!!...
Ace Ventura: Alligator Fans
We have the alligator used in the movie. This is the alligator that Ace Ven...
Maximum Overdrive - Killer Happytoyz Truck
Happy Toyz Co. truck kills!...
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